DC writers Hope Larson and Steve Orlando discuss Batgirl Rebirth and Supergirl rebirth at Comic-Con

While many of DC’s Rebirth titles started last month, some of DC’s younger characters are only seeing their runs begin now, or are yet to see their one-shot hit the shelves. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Rebirth #1 started last Wednesday (20th July) and both Batgirl #1 and Supergirl: Rebirth #1 begin on August 17th 2016. Here at The Nerd Recites, these are two of the Rebirth runs that we are the most excited for.

At an SDCC panel on Thursday, Batgirl writer Hope Larson and Supergirl writer Steve Orlando spoke about what’s coming for these two young characters within Rebirth.

“Batgirl’s just come off a tough fight that she almost didn’t win,” Larson explained at SDCC, “and so she needs to go on a vacation and figure out who she is, both as Batgirl and as Barbara Gordon. I see a lot of myself in Batgirl, I see the messy parts, which make her a lot of fun to write.”

One of the covers for Batgirl: Rebirth.

You can see Barbara in her hiking gear in the above cover and it is evident that Asia is her destination of choice. While in Asia, Barbara comes up across a face from her past.

At the panel, Supergirl writer Steve Orlando also spoke about the upcoming Supergirl Rebirth. “It’s about looking to [tomorrow],” Orlando explained. “It’s not just about fighting the villain of today but [is] also about rehabilitating them for the future. She’s a person who understands you and hears you.”

This sounds to us like the Kara we know and love, which is a good sign. It also sounds sounds in line with the TV show interpretation of Kara, and while these two ventures are entirely separate, it can’t hurt to reinforce her personality traits in both, given that young viewers and readers who are new to Kara might follow both of these mediums.

One of the covers for Supergirl: Rebirth.
One of the covers for Supergirl: Rebirth.

Orlando went on to joke: “The easiest thing for me to write in the book is Cat Grant because she’s so sarcastic. Every time she’s on the page, watching interaction with the new cast members and the existing cast members is very exciting.”

The Supergirl one-shot will feature Kara fighting a Kryponian werewolf in the depths of space. “Supergirl: Rebirth is old school comics,” Orlando explained, “though I probably reference ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ more than any other movie. I love that perspective. They’re these godlike characters, but when you take them out into space they’re still so small.”

Further into the arc, we will also meet Kara’s reincarnated Father as Cyborg Superman and the new character DEO agent Cameron Chase. The inclusion of Cat Grant (who did exist in the comics prior to The CW show) and this new DEO character also indicate to us that DC are keeping The CW show firmly at the forefront of their minds when crafting new Rebirth stories for Kara.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Rebirth #1 started last Wednesday (20th July).

Batgirl #1 and Supergirl: Rebirth #1 begin on August 17th 2016.

Image credits: DC



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