New Amazon Horror series Lore casts Holland Roden in leading role

Amazon have cast popular Teen Wolf actress Holland Roden in their brand new upcoming horror anthology show Lore. While Amazon have many other successful shows under their belt like Bosch and The Man in the High CastleLore will be Amazon’s first attempt at a horror show.

Of all the actresses that they could have opted for, Holland Roden is a great choice. Teen Wolf fans will know well that Roden’s acting abilities can range from a vision of terrified innocence to an explosive force of wrathful rage (Roden’s character, Lydia Martin, is a banshee in the show).

This won’t be the only foray into genre content for Roden either; she has also been cast in the third season of SyFy’s Channel Zero. Keen-eyed viewers will also remember her as young Emily (John Locke’s mother) in LOST and she’s also had brief appearances in Community and The Event.

As for Lore itself, if anyone hurls the words ‘horror anthology’ at you, no doubt you’ll straight away think of FX’s American Horror Story. Which would have been a titan of a show to contend with, back in its hay day (or even amidst Season 5), but Season 6 was a wrong turn for the show and it’s been on the rocks, on and off, for a long time.

Aaron Mahnke – the man behind the Lore podcast.

Which means there is an opening for a new, great horror anthology show to steal AHS‘ thunder. Hopefully Lore can do that. The show is based on an award-winning podcast by Aaron Mahnke, with the show being described as a “campfire experience,” in the respect that it seeks to evoke that feeling of communal storytelling.

Roden will be playing Bridget Cleary – the wife of Cathal Pendred’s character, Michael Cleary. Bridget is a dress-maker and egg merchant in 1895 Ireland who finds herself in a unique economic position. As a result of her success, her husband begins to suspect that Bridget is a fairy’s changeling.

The series is set to premiere mid-2017. In the meantime, you might want to check out the podcast to prepare you for the show.

H/T: Screen Rant

Image credits: Amazon, Aaron Mahnke, Caesars Palace


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