Review: LEGO DC Super Hero Girls – 41230 Batgirl Batjet Chase

LEGO recently released their new DC Super Hero Girls line and we got our hands on the Batgirl Batjet Chase set. We’ve reviewed the product primarily for the perspective of adult collectors, but also touched upon the qualities of the product for its intended younger audience.

Full disclosure: The following LEGO set was provided to The Nerd Recites without cost in exchange for an honest review and as such all of the views and opinions of the author are their own. Being sent a review sample does not guarantee a review or even a positive review, but should we enjoy the product we will always promote it.

The Batgirl Batjet Chase (41230) set comes with a Batgirl Mini-doll figure, a yellow Kryptomite figure (the baddies in this range), a small buggy which holds Batgirl’s ePad and of course the Batjet vehicle itself. The Batjet comes with a working net launcher and two stud shooters mounted on the wings of the jet. All in all this set consists of 206 pieces and has an RRP of £19.99.

Despite some of my co-workers here at The Nerd Recites being LEGO advocates, I myself haven’t built a LEGO set since my youth. Seeing LEGO unveil a new line that appeals to my interests (DC heroines) is what spurred me to acquire this set. That in itself speaks volumes; in a year in which Wonder Woman is finally getting her long overdue big screen venture (with Gotham City Sirens on the horizon too), it’s encouraging to see LEGO and DC branching out more deeply into their heroine collectible line. More collectibles for girls is a great thing, in a time in which women are seeing more representation on screen.

The enjoyment and nostalgia of getting to put an entire LEGO set together swept me up almost immediately upon opening the guide and lit a determination in me to hurriedly arrive at the final result. A little tip is to avoid reading all of the set’s functionalities on the box, so that you can be pleasantly surprised when you built something and realise that it does even more than you expected it to.

The set includes (left to right) a Batjet, net, Batgirl mini doll, Kryptomite vehicle and Kryptomite.

In this case that’s a projectile net that fires really well, despite the very simplistic mechanism that fires it. This is designed to be shot at the little villain called Kryptomite (a playful combination of ‘kryptonite’ and ‘mite’, even though kryptonite relates to Superman and Supergirl’s mythos, not Batgirl’s), so that you can ensnare him as he rides along on his little four-wheeled buggy.

This isn’t the only projectile either; there are also two small circular orange pieces that fire from either side of the jet. If intended to be missiles, then they’re a little on the small side, but importantly they fire just as well as the net and get be used as an attempt to knock Kryptomite off of his vehicle ahead of capturing him, should one be inclined to play with the set. This is encouraged, especially if you have multiple sets in this line, because you can easily realise the dream of creating a superhero team-up.

That is where the set’s strengths truly lie – in its playability. What you end up with is a really elegant and fully functional Batjet that can be used not only to hunt down Krptomite, but no doubt in any DC scenario in conjunction with any other DC LEGO. Batgirl herself (a LEGO mini doll with a slim design that has been market researched as a good way get young girls into LEGO) fits really well into the cockpit of the jet, which itself folds shut. The jet itself looks impressive enough to stand out on a shelf among your other collectibles.

A close-up look at Kryptomite and Batgirl.

When compared to the rest of the DC Super Hero Girls line, this set is more action-focused than the other sets, which tend to focus more around dorms and schools (no bad thing at all, as you’ll see in our review of the Wonder Woman set). Although there are other vehicles in the set, Batgirl’s jet is certainly the best of them and easily makes a solid first purchase, to kick off your collection.

LEGO’s Batgirl Batjet Chase set is not only a wonderful addition to the annals of Batgirl collectibles, but it’s also an extraordinarily fun build, with a very fruitful and pleasing end result. Whether you place it proudly on your shelf of collectibles or purchase this for a daughter or a niece who is likely to gleefully play hunt the Kryptomite, this set stands out as something special.

The only singular thing we would have improved is providing more worthwhile foe than a Kryptomite, but the set is aimed at 7-12 year old girls, so this no small villain might appeal to girls from the perspective of him being a cute foe. However, if you invest in the full range then you’ll find yourself with fascinating female villains such as Poison Ivy to pit your heroines against.

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Image credits: DC, LEGO


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