Review: DC LEGO Super Hero Girls – 41235 Wonder Woman Dorm

LEGO recently released their new DC Super Hero Girls line and we got our hands on the Wonder Woman Dorm set. We’ve reviewed the product primarily for the perspective of adult collectors, but also touched upon the qualities of the product for its intended younger audience.

Full disclosure: The following LEGO set was provided to The Nerd Recites without cost in exchange for an honest review and as such all of the views and opinions of the author are their own. Being sent a review sample does not guarantee a review or even a positive review, but should we enjoy the product we will always promote it.

The Wonder Woman Dorm set (41235) set comes with a Wonder Woman Mini-doll figure, a suspicious orange Kryptomite figure (the baddies in this range), an opening wardrobe, a bed, a rotating workstation and an “invisible” motorbike, which can be placed atop the workstation. Also included are two golden lassos, a mace, a wrench, two paint spray cans, a trophy and a tub of wax polish for the bike. All in all this set consists of 186 pieces and has an RRP of £19.99.

The first question that a non-hardcore Wonder Woman fan might ask about this set is why it contains an invisible bike and not Wonder Woman’s signature invisible jet. But Wonder Woman is no stranger to motorbikes either; in the TV show Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter rode a (non-invisible) motorcycle and various collectibles and animation before this set has featured Wonder Woman atop a motorcycle. So it’s not too far of a stretch to have this set feature Wonder Woman in a mechanic’s role, as she fixes up and fine-tunes her invisible motorbike.

This bike is removable from the workstation, with Wonder Woman herself fitting perfectly and securely into the driver’s seat. This means that when you come to play with the set, the motorbike stands out by far as the highlight. While this bike and the Batgirl Batjet that I recently reviewed are wonderful for the more vehicle-orientated collector, the remainder of the set is far more domestically-inclined. These are the bed and the wardrobe, which can be used during play as a headquarters (this can be connected with 41232 Super Hero High School, to much a much larger structure), or to trap Kryptomite within, but not much else.

All of the built structures that come with the Wonder Woman Dorm set.

Krypomite himself remains a cutesy-style enemy who falls very short of a decent adversary for Wonder Woman, but he serves his purpose as something to hunt down and incarcerate. This particular Kryptomite holds a much sassier expression that the others too, and even has his own weapon: a mini-mace. The actual intent of this foe – according to LEGO’s website – is to have him sneak through the window in the wardrobe to steal Wonder Woman’s golden lasso, so that she can hunt him down and retrieve it. This is very similar to what the Kryptomite in the Batgirl set does, which makes this a staple for the range.

A very important part of enjoying LEGO is the build and I enjoyed putting this together almost as much as I enjoyed putting together the Batgirl set. That being said, in this set I did find myself missing one small, red piece, when it came to putting the finishing touches on the roof of Wonder Woman’s bed structure. I’m fairly certain that I didn’t misplace this piece, though due to its tiny size, I can’t be positive. So as a workaround, I skipped the piece out entirely, the consequence of which just mean that the Wonder Woman emblem above her bed just sat a little lower down that it should have done.

One notable oddity in the set is that it features two golden lassos rather than one. Typically, to my knowledge, Wonder Woman only has one golden lasso, the rarity of which adds to its uniqueness. So having two seems a little odd and is perhaps only designed to that when Krytopmite steals one of the lassos, you still have another lasso for Wonder Woman to ensnare him with.

The Wonder Woman doll and one of the lassos, from two different angles.

I’ve now built two of the sets in this DC Super Hero Girls LEGO range and I enjoyed both immensely, which marks the line out as something worth investing in. If your target recipient is a 7-12 year old girl who likes typically girly toys, I would recommend this Wonder Woman set. If the girl is into more action-orientated toys, I would recommend the Batgirl set instead. But, of course, your choice should be tailored to which heroine the girl as a personal interest and connection with.

You might find that the recipient likes Supergirl the most, in which case you’ll have a costly purchase on your hands, because Supergirl only comes with the Super Hero High School (41232) set, which holds a staggering R.R.P. of £74.99. I was dismayed myself at this steep pricing and no doubt other Supergirl fans will be too (of which there are many at the moment, due to the popularity of the show). DC and LEGO might have fared better if they had given Supergirl her own, smaller £19.99 set too, which would have given fans an affordable way in.

Including her in the £74.99 set comes across as a shallow money grab, by forcing fans to shell out just in order to attain the most popular character. That being said, however, 2017 will be the year of Wonder Woman, with her feature film coming out in June, so at least Wonder Woman fans have an affordable and superb set to invest in, and we highly recommend that you take the time to do so.

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Image credits: DC, LEGO


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