DC unveil a brand new Wonder Woman trailer

DC today unveiled a brand new Wonder Woman trailer, ahead of the film’s release this June, which can be viewed below. With now only three months to go before the film’s release, Wonder Woman fans are brimming with excitement at the prospect of finally seeing Diana on the big screen.

This is also a superb example of DC beating Marvel to the starting line, in getting a fully female-lead super heroine film made and released before their competitor (with better casting choices too than Marvel’s Oscar-laden choice of Brie Larsen for Captain America). Wonder Woman looks set to not only showcase the power and brilliance of Diana, but to also take a cold hard look at the horrors of war (World War I) and the brutality of man.

Also recently released was a new and utterly beautiful poster for the film:

The brand new Wonder Woman poster.

The new trailer included a host of unseen content, including Diana’s training from youth, Diana’s true origins being kept from her, and more.

Watch the new trailer below:

As a keen Wonder Woman fan, to me, this film continues to look like it’s going to check all the right boxes.

Wonder Woman will be released on 2nd June 2017.

Image credits: DC, Warner Bros.


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