Odette Annable cast as Reign in Supergirl Season 3

The CW have cast Odette Annable (who some might remember by her former name, Odette Yustman) as Reign in Supergirl Season 3. Annable is a superb actress who is known for such films as Cloverfield and her brutal and brilliant turn in Banshee (as well as being fondly remembered by me for her turn in a little showed called Breaking In).

This means that we now the identity of the baby inside the pod in the Season 2 finale and who the primary villain is for Season 3 (they don’t pull a late-season switch up again, like they are prone to doing). As some already guessed, the blood-fuelled baby inside the pod is the comic book character Reign.

Personally I’m really surprised that the showrunners have answered the pod mystery so soon. As good as it is to know for certain, we’re only a few weeks out from the finale and we now no longer have the fun of speculating who the pod inhabitant might be. After the Season 1 finale pod mystery, we were kept waiting for much longer to find out that Mon El was inside.

Reign is the leader of the Worldkillers in the comics (and is a Worldkiller herself). This is a group of five biological beings (“weapons”) created on Krypton before they were outlawed by the Kryptonian Science Council. These beings are very violent and capable weapons, meaning Reign will prove a formidable foe for Kara.

Reign in the New 52 Supergirl comics.

The next question is whether Annable will go full make-up for the role (to look like the above image). I’m guessing no, for the most part. Instead, I’m betting the showrunners will take a similar approach to what they did with Lyra – having Annable in partial make-up, but with parts of her face showing. It would be foolish to choose a big name actress like Annable and then cover her up completely.

The final question is whether any of the other Worldkillers will be making an appearance in Season 3. The answer is unknown at this stage, but using similarly down-played make-up to what I mentioned above, I think it could be done. Perhaps Reign will be a solitary foe for most of the season, then Season 3’s climax will see the other Worldkillers arrive. It’s a fun prospect for any DC comics fan to finally see them realised on screen and I have all the faith in the world in Annable’s ability to bring Reign to life.

H/T: Screen Rant

Image credits: DC, The CW


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