The one actress that we’d love to see cast as Supergirl in the DCEU

With the recent success of Wonder Woman and the continued success of Supergirl on The CW, I think it’s only a matter of time until DC announce that they will be including Supergirl in one of their upcoming DCEU films – most likely in the Man of Steel sequel.

The rumour mill is churning around what that Man of Steel sequel might hold and some believe that Kara will be on the cards, possibly as a prisoner of Braniac. Just as Wonder Woman achieved her big screen debut after 75 years, I’d love to see Kara brought back to the big screen for the first time since her 1984 solo outing.

The crucial question is: who should be cast as Kara on the silver screen? There have been a handful of actresses over the years who I’ve considered as being a good fit for Kara, but none of them have quite held up over time, after I’ve pondered on how they’d perform in the role. For a huge fan of the character like myself it’s a monumentally important casting choice to get right.

It should be pointed out that I think Melissa Benoist does an amazing job as Kara on The CW, which is a show that we adore and cover weekly at The Nerd Recites. Benoist is not a 100% fit for me, facially, but her charm and charisma and wit are simply pitch perfect. I think she would have been great if Zack Snyder/Warner Bros had allowed The CW DC shows to be brought in as part of the DCEU, but alas, they didn’t, so there’s room for another contender.

I’m throwing a hat in the ring for one little-known Canadian actress who I think would be great as Kara. I see something in her that screams “Kara” and I think she’d be a superb choice. She’s someone who is best known for being on – as coincidence would have it – The CW. Her name is Tiera Skovbye and fans of Riverdale will know her well as Polly Cooper – Betty Cooper’s sister.

Who is Tiera Skovbye?

Tiera Skovbye (pronounced “SCO-BEE”) was born in Vancouver, Canada, but holds a Scandavian background and most of her family reside in Sweden and Denmark. At 5 foot 8 inches, Tiera is a tall actress and therefore perfect for a formidable Kryptonian.

She began her career when she was spotted by an agent at a Children’s Festival in Vancouver. She was then scouted by an international modelling agency at the age of 13, before landing her first role in Warner Home Entertainment’s McKid’s Adventures.

Tiera took on a string of roles after that, before landing the role of Polly Cooper in The CW’s Riverdale, which has brought her more into the fore as a familiar face.

Does she have the acting reputation?

Skovbye doesn’t have a big reputation at this point and what she does have falls mostly within the realm of TV, rather than film. As mentioned above, she is best known as Polly Cooper on Riverdale and she’s had some minor appearances in popular shows like Supernatural and Arrow.

Bid budget superhero films often only cast huge A list or B list actors and actresses. If you look at the lineup for the Justice League – Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, etc – these are all actors and actresses who had well established names in cinema before they were cast in the DCEU.

Gal Gadot wasn’t that well known, granted, but she had appeared in the huge franchise that is Fast and Furious. There is only one true unknown in the Justice League lineup and that’s Ray Fisher as Cyborg. Prior to Justice League, Fisher had only been in one short film and one TV series.

So Fisher is a huge risk for Warner Bros, but clearly they see something in him and I think he’ll do a fine job. The fact that Warner Bros are taking that risk means that there is hope for someone like Skovbye to steal the role of Supergirl. It’s not impossible; if they’ll take a risk once then they might take another.

Personally, I think it might be a huge mistake if Warner Bros went for a big name star instead. One example of this is when Marvel went for Oscar winner Brie Larson for Captain Marvel, which I think is a horrendous example of opting for infamy/stardom over choosing the right person for the role (but maybe Larson will surprise me, who knows).

Tiera Skovbye looking very close to the farm girl-style Kara seen in Supergirl: Being Super.

Does she have the acting ability?

From her turn as Polly in Riverdale, I would say yes. Polly is a vastly different character to Kara Zor El, but Skovbye had a challenging role in the form of Polly Cooper and I think Skovbye managed that character really well. Polly is on the border of being slightly deranged, due to being persecuted by both her own parents and the Blossoms, and Skovbye managed to walk that slightly crazy line, while also being likeable.

Equally, I think she could walk the line of dangerous and likeable, if she was to take on the mantle of Kara Zor El. There are a couple of Skovbye’s older auditions on YoutTube, in which she doesn’t appear to quite hold as strong of an acting ability as she exhibits in Riverdale, but she still performs well, in my opinion.

They’re worth taking a look at, to see how Skovbye carries herself. Personally, I see Kara in her, but I recommend viewing those audition tapes for yourself, to make your own mind up.

Is she the right age?

Born on 6 May 1995, Tiera is currently 22 years of age. Although Kara is classically meant to be a teenager, I think The CW were very smart to age Kara up and I think any DCEU film should follow the same approach. In that instance Skovbye would be the perfect age.

If Warner Bros did opt for the teenager route instead, teenagers are almost always played by 20-somethings in Hollywood anyway, so again her current age would be perfect.

Tiera Skovbye in a side by side with Phil Noto’s version of Supergirl.

Which Supergirl incarnation is she closest to?

For me, Phil Noto’s version of Supergirl in Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom has always been the very best visual interpretation of Kara and I think Skovbye’s looks come very close indeed to Noto’s vision.

Noto’s Kara has a soft, kind face, but also quite an angular jaw. Melissa Benoist holds a jaw like this, but I think Skovbye has a face that’s even closer to the mark. I’ve pulled together a side by side above, for you to make your own mind up.

Skovbye also hold the bright eyes, she looks great in glasses (for Kara’s alter ego, whichever ego they choose to opt for) and she holds the kind of otherworldly beauty that Kara exhibits – something that is by no means essential for the character, but given her relation to Superman (a chiselled Henry Cavill), I think it would make sense to have Kara be another vision of Kryptonian beauty.

Gadot being beautiful in Wonder Woman worked wonders and it should be remembered that the chosen Supergirl actress will probably have to stand side by side with Wonder Woman and other Justice League members at some point, so she will need to look the part.

Would scheduling be an issue?

The obvious blockade is the fact that Skovbye is currently in Riverdale, which has been renewed for a second season. She is rather pivotal to the current plot too, given that she is carrying twins who are significant to both the Coopers and the Blossoms.

Skovbye also mentioned on her Instagram profile that she has a new project that she is excited to share with fans soon. This was posted alongside a shot of her flipping through a script from that project (I had a keen look and it didn’t appear to be DC-related), in her Instagram story. So this is yet another schedule to contend with.

It all depends on when Warner Bros decide to start shooting Man of Steel 2 (which is a working title). It’s doesn’t seem to be placed any time soon on their schedule of upcoming films, so we could be a few years off from seeing that film, or any other DCEU film that might feature Supergirl.

That gives everyone involved plenty of time to align schedules and find a way around the issue. Characters can be written out of shows where needed and I can easily see Polly being an axeable character in Riverdale, once she has given birth to the twins. And Skovbye’s new project could just be a film.

Tiera Skovbye in front of a winged mural, side by side with Kara in the comics with wings of fire.

How likely is it to happen?

Not very likely, unfortunately. Warner Bros might not take heed of smaller TV actresses during the audition process (though to be fair to them they did with actor Ray Fisher). There’s also the chance that they have already cast Supergirl and are simply withholding the name of the actress from the public.

It’s always fun to fancast though and like I said above – it’s not impossible that Skovbye could snag the role. It’s just highly improbable, due to the predilections of big studios. We’ll have to see what happens. I know I’ll have my fingers crossed for Skovbye.

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I’d love to hear your own dream casting for Supergirl in the DCEU – who would you cast in the role of Kara? Do you think Skovbye would be a strong choice? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image credits: DC, Warner Bros, The CW, Tiera Skovbye


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