Professor Marston & the Wonder Women gets a trailer

The trailer for Professor Marston & the Wonder Women is here. Appearing in the wake of Wonder Woman‘s worldwide success, its arrival couldn’t be better timed.

Dr William Moulton Marston infamously created the character of Wonder Woman (at the suggestion of his wife), because he genuinely thought that women were the superior gender – capable of a greater love and acceptance. His creation went through stages of great success and also critical backlash.

Written and directed by Angela Robinson (The L Word, Herbie Fully Loaded), the film will explore what went on behind closed doors when the infamous comic book writer created Wonder Woman. Specifically, it will explore his polyamorous relationship with his wife Elizabeth and a young former student named Olivia Byrne.

Both of those women inspired Wonder Woman, turning her into the character we know and love today. Few people at the time truly realised how influential a figure Diana would become.

For Wonder Woman fans like myself, this film is a real treat, especially if you didn’t realise it was on the horizon. Are you looking forward to this biopic? Let us know in the comments below.

Image credits: Sony Pictures


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