Patty Jenkins is close to striking a deal to direct the Wonder Woman sequel

According to inside sources, Patty Jenkins is close to settling negotiations to direct the sequel to her hit DC film Wonder Woman.

News of who would direct the sequel had been suspiciously absent up until now, which left many fans wondering why Jenkins hadn’t been snatched up for the job straight away. It was always possible that the sequel might be handed off to another female director, but many expected Jenkins to take the helm once more.

Neither Warner Bros. nor Jenkins’ representatives are willing to make any comments on these rumours. According to Deadline, who first reported the negotiations, Jenkins would (naturally) be getting a considerably large pay rise for the sequel, which could potentially make her the highest-paid female director in Hollywood at the moment.

Patty Jenkins directing Gal Gadot on the set of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman was a huge success – pleasing critics and fans alike, and also smashing the box office. It’s the biggest debut ever for a female director, garnering a staggering $786 billion dollars at the box office.

It didn’t please everyone – I’m a huge Wonder Woman fan and while I loved its spirit, it fell a little flat for me, overall (especially the third act). But I’m mighty optimistic to see what the sequel could hold. Ideally, I would have preferred fresh directing blood, but Jenkins has certainly earned her seat back at the table.

MORE: Wonder Woman will arrive on Blu-Ray and DVD this October

Is this good news for you, or would you rather have seen someone else take over? Who would you have wanted to direct this sequel, if not Jenkins? Let us know in the comments section below.

H/T: Deadline

Image credits: DC, Warner Bros.


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