Why Supergirl is definitely in the DCEU’s Justice League

Last month’s SDCC Justice League trailer closed out with one huge tease – Alfred talking to an unknown individual – giving DC fans a few months to ruminate on the identity of that mysterious stranger. Alfred states: “He said you’d come. Now let’s hope you’re not too late,” – indicating that he expected this person, but we get little more than the slightest hint of a shoulder.

There are a few characters that this could be – Green Lantern and Superman among them – but I’m fully convinced that this is Supergirl (or at least, that she is in the film at some point). My certainty is mostly founded upon a moment early on in the trailer, when Bruce is looking at a hologram of a red-caped Kryptonian. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

If Kara is in the film then this would be one hell of a curve ball and a surprisingly early introduction of the Maid of Might (many expected her in Man of Steel 2, before that theory was pretty much quelled). For Supergirl fans, it would be wonderful, especially if she is the stranger at the close of the trailer, because this implies that she might show up to save the day.

Looking at all of the evidence we have so far, I explain why I’m so convinced that Kara is in Justice League. Expect spoilers for the Man of Steel prequel comic book below.

The hologram

The hologram in the Justice League trailer, which very clearly shows a female leg.

This is the most crucial piece of evidence. Early on in the trailer, Bruce looks at the hologram of a Kryptonian. As the crimson cape billows, it briefly reveals one of this hero’s legs – a very female leg.

It’s undoubtedly a heroine and it’s definitely a Kryptonian (the voice over reiterates this, in case there was any doubt), which means it has to be Supergirl.

This brief moment stands as one of the best and most understated reveals in comic book trailer history for me. It makes no fanfare of her reveal, but it treats keen-eyed fans limitlessly, by providing just enough for us to be certain that this is our Maid of Might.

The Man of Steel Prequel comic

Kara waking up aboard the ship that is ultimately seen in Man of Steel.

Some people don’t realise that Kara already exists in the DCEU (albeit in comic book-form only). She was introduced in the Man of Steel prequel comic, in a tale that depicts her departure from Krypton and her arrival on Earth.

This comic pre-dates all of the DCEU films, which means that Kara was technically – and rather ironically – the first hero introduced into the DCEU, arriving ahead of all of the members of the Justice League. Her inclusion in this comic book indicates that Zack Snyder probably always intended to introduce a live-action version of her at some point.

She wouldn’t have been introduced in this comic unless she was going to play a big part in the DCEU, down the line. I think that time is now.

The Alfred face-to-face

The final scene of the SDCC trailer, in which Alfred talks to an unknown arrival.

At the very end of the trailer we witness a quick face-to-face between Alfred and a mysterious stranger.

If you look closely at the reflection in his glasses you’ll see the colour blue. Kara’s uniform is part-blue, but I think this is nothing more than a reflection of lights in the room. Perhaps from a computer console of some kind.

The more convincing evidence is the colour of the stranger’s shoulder, which is a dark red. This rules out Green Lantern and leaves us with only Superman or Supergirl. Despite that fact that Kal will return, I think this is Supergirl.

It would tie in perfectly with the scene earlier on in the trailer – when Bruce is casting a curious glance over the hologram of Kara, as if he is considering her existence and her potential.

Bruce perhaps then reaches out to her (since the line is: “He said you’d come”) and Kara then ultimately shows up, to assist the Justice League. Imagine how perfect that would be – Kara swooping in to play white knight (just like her swooping in to save a character in the prequel comic, announcing: “I’ve got you!”).

Who’s playing her, then?

That remains a complete mystery and you have to applaud Synder, Whedon and co for managing to keep her inclusion completely under wraps. No doubt there’s one lucky actress out there who has long been itching to tell the world that she’s playing Supergirl – and sooner that anyone could have expected.

Not long ago, I put forward one actress who I would like to see take on the role. But I acknowledged that this was a considerable long-shot. Given the quality of the casting for the rest of the Justice League, I have faith that Snyder has made the right choice for Kara.

The question that remains is whether we’ll find out who’s playing her before the film arrives, or whether you’ll have to make certain that you see Justice League immediately upon its release (which you were going to do anyway, right – I certainly am), to make sure that no one spills any juicy Supergirl reveals.

It should also be remembered that rumours of reshoots are heavy and we don’t know what Whedon might have changed. But hopefully he’s done nothing as drastic as cut Supergirl.

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Are you as convinced as I am that Kara will make an appearance in Justice League? Do you have any evidence to the contrary? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image credits: DC, Warner Bros


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