Holiday gift guide: 10 figurines for the well-versed DC fan

Geeks who know their comic book lore can be hard to buy for, especially if you’re not as well-versed in the thing they love as they are. Whoever that devoted DC super-geek is in your life, they’re probably a little tired of being gifted yet another generic Batman or Superman toy to add to their growing pile.

The gifts that truly light up their bat signal will be deep cuts from the comics – figures of characters that the casual DC fan either hasn’t heard of, or doesn’t know very well. Characters who mean a great deal to comic book fans, but no one else.

From the cheap and cheerful to the lavishly expensive, we’re here to help you find the right gift for your DC devotee.

DC Super Hero Girls vinyl mini Starfire – £3.74 ($4.99)

This mini Starfire figure is mighty cute.

Starfire is a visually stunning character and that means she makes for great-looking figures. She’s about to get more popular too – once the Titans show airs, she’ll be better known to the masses. Until then, she’ll remain a fan-favourite for those into their DC heroines.

Not all figures need to be luxurious statues – cute miniatures can bring a DC fan just as much joy. And few heroines look as cute as Starfire does when she’s given the ‘cutesy’ treatment. This adorable DC Super Hero Girls doll is intended for kids, but it’s sure to put a smile on a Starfire fan of any age or gender.

DC Labbit Red Hood 2.5 inch vinyl – £11.24 ($14.99)

This cute little vinyl Red Hood sports a grumpy frown.

Continuing with the cute-theme, the Red Hood – a serious and vengeful villain – has here been given the rabbit (or ‘labbit’) treatment. They’ve kept his mask but have given him a grumpy, surly expression, which is a hilarious and adorable touch.

He also comes with a little grenade, which looks almost like it’s a green apple, for him to take bites out of. It makes for a great and unusual gift for the Red Hood fan in your life. Or if you want to turn a child into a well-versed DC fan when they’re older, this might be a good gift to set them on that path.

Imaginext Justice League exclusive Blue Beetle and vehicle – £11.25 ($15.00)

This Blue Beetle with vehicle Imaginext toy would make any kid happy.

Blue Beetle is a one of the true, lesser-known DC heroes. A few different characters have taken up the mantle, some of whom have used the Blue Beetle Scarab, while others have used gadgetry to fight crime after being unable to unlock the scarab’s powers.

This figure set is perfect for any overgrown child (or actual child you want to set on the road to DC expertise). You can pull back on his vehicle and it will zoom off, you can launch beetle mines from the spring-loaded spoiler and you can clip those mines onto the back of his ride. The Blue Beetle figure also comes with a Scarab backpack.

Supergirl, Krypto and Streaky Designer Series by Darwyn Cooke – £20.99 ($27.99)

This Darwyn Cooke Supergirl, with Krypto and Streaky, has heaps of silver age charm.

I can’t praise this Supergirl figure enough. Being a collector of Supergirl content, it was a must-have for me the moment I spotted it on the shelves of an independent comic book store in London. This is Darwyn Cooke’s stunning depiction of the classic, silver age Supergirl.

Her haircut, the cut of the her dress (as well as the way it looks like it’s billowing in the wind) and her large facial features all give that glorious 50s aesthetic. Modern Supergirl is brilliant, but there’s something thoroughly charming about that bygone era.

And she doesn’t come alone. With her you get the super pets – Krypto and Streaky – both looking just as sleekly designed. This is a must-have for any hardcore Supergirl fan, or any aficionado who respects and admires the silver age of DC comics.

Zatanna Batman: The Animated Series PVC – £39.99 ($53.33)

This PVC statue depicts Zatanna from Batman: The Animated Series.

Zatanna is a really popular DC heroine (for the fans who know her) and one day she’s bound to find her way onto the big or small screen, in a live-action role. Bring a little magic into someone’s life this Christmas with this magnificent Zatanna figure.

Every true DC fan admires Batman: The Animated Series and this superb PVC statue will play on their nostalgia for that show. The base holds some billowing smoke and some stage decoration, both of which are a nice touch.

DC Bombshells Cheetah – £47.99 ($64.00)

This DC Bombshells Cheetah statue shows Barbara Ann Minerva at her best.

Barbara Ann Minerva is yet to be given a live-action adaptation (finger crossed for her appearance in Wonder Woman 2), so only invested DC fans know who she is. This Cheetah statue depicts Barbara from the DC Bombshells comic books.

She’s sporting her trademark Archaeologist look, if a little more glamourised than usual of the character (this is ‘Bombshells’ after all). In amidst her costume are hints of her Cheetah persona; she sporting a Cheetah-print belt (which is blowing in the wind, ingeniously, so that it looks like a tail) and Cheetah-print undershirt. Even her lip-biting expression is spot on.

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Doctor Fate The New Frontier – £56.23 ($74.99)

Doctor Fate is a great and powerful hero.

This is another character that only DC comic book fans (or Injustice 2 gamers) will know. Lately, he’s been doing wonders helping out our heroes in DC Metal – pulling them away from Barbatos and his Dark Knights, often at the final moment.

Doctor Fate is a legacy of heroes who act as agents of the Lords of Order. He’s a master of magic, which he uses for the side of good. This figure really brings him to life well, featuring movable limbs that you can manipulate to emulate his levitating posture. His Amulet of Anubis, Cloak of Destiny and Helmet of Fate all stand out in a brilliant gold.

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DC Cover Girls Mera statue – £79.67 ($106.24)

Mera – Queen of Atlantis – looks powerful in this high-end statue.

Casual DC fans got their first live-action glimpse of Mera (Amber Heard) in Justice League, but they’re still in the murky dark when it comes to knowing their stuff about the Queen of Atlantis. Veteran DC fans will know her well – right down to the intricacies of her aquakinesis abilities – and with the upcoming Aquaman film on the horizon, the hardcore fan might welcome a really great Mera statue, to add to their shelf.

This is the best Mera statue around. It’s gorgeously designed, Mera looks great, and she’s even riding on a wave. Unlike her DCEU character, here her costume is a light, bright and brilliant green. This statue has a weighty price-tag attached and you’ll find that many retailers are sold out, but if you can get hold of one, it will put be sure to put a huge smile on the face of any Atlantean-admirer.

Kotobukiya Gorilla Grodd ArtFX+ statue – £79.99 ($106.67)

Grodd is a warrior to be feared, in this mighty ArtFX+ statue.

The CW fans will know Gorilla Grodd well (he even appeared in Legends of Tomorrow recently) and gamers who love Injustice 2 will know how brilliantly brutal he can be, but ask a cinematic DC fan who Grodd is and they’ll likely look confused (then when you tell them he’s a telepathic gorilla, that confusion will probably double).

This statue will have any DC fan kneeling before Grodd. He’s sporting armour, battle-paint on his chest that looks suspiciously like it’s intended to mock The Flash, and best of all – he’s holding a human skull and snarling. The Planet of the Apes apes, for all their intelligence, have nothing on Grodd and this statue shows his lethal prowess at its very best.

Justice League The Evolution of Starro the Conqueror SDCC 2010 exclusive – £119.60 ($159.49)

The SDCC exclusive depicts a true deep cut villain from the comics – Starro the Conqueror.

I’ve saved the best deep cut figure for last. Starro the Conqueror is one of the earliest and greatest enemies of the Justice League of America. In short, he’s an alien super villain who intends to take over the universe. He looks like a giant starfish and he sends out smaller drones in the same form, which latch onto his enemies and control their minds.

Keen viewers will have noticed that Wally West actually referenced him in the most recent episode of The Flash (at the time of writing), when he said:

“Self-reflection and a battle with a starfish from outer space gives you perspective.”

This 2010 SDCC exclusive contains not only Starro, but also five members of the Justice League (Batman and Superman are missing, but whoever you’re buy for probably already has more than enough Batman and Superman figures to last them a lifetime).

This figure is now 7 years old and an exclusive too, so it’s not as easy to get hold of as many of the other entries on this list, but it’s well worth the effort and the price tag. Only serious DC fans will know Starro and with Justice League being popular at the moment, this is the ultimate holiday gift.

Will you be buying any of these for your friends or family? Or have any of these made their way onto your own Christmas list? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image credits: DC


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