Sweet Christmas wishes for the next season of Jessica Jones

The first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones took a B-list superhero and made her into a real person, and I mean really real.

Jessica is a foul mouthed, hard drinking, mess of a woman who’s noir experience inside Hell’s Kitchen is perhaps more relatable than other masked crusaders. The tangibility Jessica Jones achieved set the show apart from other Marvel series on Netflix, and this fan is totally psyched for the second season due for release this coming March.

Jessica’s role in The Defenders was a great way to tide fans of the sarcastic gumshoe over. But there’s just too much other good stuff in the Netflix series graphic novel adaptation to be handled in a crossover with such a wide net of heroes, villains, and supporting characters. If I had mind control powers, these are the suggestions I would make to Jessica and her friends for their continuing series.

Jessica and Trish are sisters in their commitment to the principle that even hard truths are the best policy.

A.K.A. Keeping it real

There is no taboo in Jessica Jones when it comes to subjects like rape, assault, addiction, sexual attitudes, death, abuse, and psychological trauma. Every character has to cope with subjects real people wrestle with in thier lives, and they do so in ways we immediately recognize. Biting sarcasm, binge drinking, avoidance, impenetrable emotional walls, and sardonic one liners – we all have those in our own arsenal or can find them in a person we know.

The best way the characters deal with thier circumstances though, is in the shows calling card of leathal honesty. The cast of Jessica Jones all have a way with the truth that cuts deep and revels in authenticity. It is easily the best part of the show, and the most important aspect for it to keep in the coming season.

Trish wants to be a super hero more than anything.

A.K.A. Hellcat

There have been plenty of not so subtle hints that Trish needs more excitement in her life than a nice apartment and a cool radio show. She turned her loft into a fortress, and trains to exhaustion in martial arts. Trish is more excited about costumes and heroism than her sister, and when she took Will’s combat drug the adrenaline rush easily got its claws in her before she collapsed.

At the close of the first season we saw that Trish was looking deeper into the origin of Jessica’s abilities and said that she had never stopped looking. It isn’t hard to imagine that Trish will stop at nothing to become the super hero she was meant to be.

Jessica knows the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen and she’s not impressed so much as weirded out.

A.K.A. Daredevil

The Defenders gave Jessica Jones fans a very special gift in Matt Murdock. The blind public defender and the private eye sounds like the beginning of a joke, and the unlikely pairing of these two heroes made for some fantastic repartee. It could even be said that their banter went a long way in carrying the slow beginning of the crossover series.

The slick and styled litigator that once represented Jessica, Geri Hogarth, passed her file on to Foggy Nelson to outsource to a small firm, and or course Foggy thought of his pal Matt. It took the drunk and disorderly P.I. all of two minutes too spy the Devil in Murdock, and this compromise of Matt’s secret shouldn’t go unanswered in the new season. Jessica is sure to get into trouble with the Hell’s Kitchen precinct and will need a good lawyer.

Sweet Christmas.

A.K.A. Power Man

Luke Cage and Miss Jones have got a thing going on. Even though Luke has enjoyed some time on his own and with other women, comic fans know that these two heroes belong together. The chemistry between this pair of heroes lept of the screen in the first season of Jessica Jones, and Jessica’s longing for the life she pictured with Luke was palpable in The Defenders.

Luke seems to be content in Harlem with the lovely and talented, Claire, for the time being. It may be that the creators of Luke Cage will want to tell the dissolution of their relationship within their next season. But fans of the power couple, Luke and Jessica, want these two reunited sooner rather than later, even if just for a cup of coffee.

Two for one hoagies, all day.

A.K.A. The Daily Bugle

Jessica is a damn good P.I. but she’s also an alcoholic and a lousy businesswoman. Last we saw Jessica was deleting prospective clients messages and her neighbor Malcolm was answering her phone. If Jessica can’t make ends meet on her own, she might find some success in freelance photography work.

It would be sad to see Alias Investigations go through yet another glass door and land belly up. But the thought of seeing sass-mouthed Jessica go toe to toe with the blowhard boss at The Daily Bugle, James Jonah Jameson, is positively intoxicating. And we know how Jessica feels about intoxication.

Keep tipping your glasses up and the several month wait for the next season of Jessica Jones will fly by. I just hope my liver can take it.

Image Credits: Netflix, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Marvel’s The Defenders


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