The second Supergirl book is coming – Curse of the Ancients

A new book titled Supergirl: Curse of the Anciencts will arrive on 1 May 2018. It’s the second book in a planned trilogy by author Jo Whittemore, following on from Supergirl: Age of Atlantis.

The books are published by Abrams and use the characters from The CW TV show. A The Flash book series exists too, but the Supergirl series boasts National City adventures not found in the TV show or anywhere else.

It’s a great way for fans to get hold of more Supergirl The CW content, beyond the comics and the show. For those with a growing Kara collection, it’s always nice to add more Melissa content to it.

Here’s a look at the cover for this second novel:

The cover uses Melissa’s look and shows The CW ties.

An excerpt from the book has also been released by EW. Those who don’t mind dipping their toe into the narrative ahead of time should give it a read.

You’ll find Mon-El, Lyra and a host of familiar characters from the show present, and – if you haven’t already – it might make you keen to begin reading this trilogy. It’s certainly made its way onto my reading list.


Image credits: The CW, DC


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