Get to know Betty in Riverdale Digest #6

We’re all excited for Riverdale to return today. What would we do without our character ensemble of lovable-teenagers-cum-mystery-detectives?

Looks like Archie Comics has our backs too. They’re releasing a comics digest featuring Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and – what I’m personally excited for – Betty!

That’s right: Riverdale‘s Betty, played by the amazing Lili Reinhart, graces the cover of the the sixth issue in their Riverdale comics digest. Look forward to a lot of stories featuring our amazing girl-next-door.


We’re getting 128 pages of both new and old Archie comics, so you can get the whole Archie experience whether or not you’re already a fan of the comics.

From Archie Comics:

See how everything led to the CW’s Riverdale TV show with this digest-sized collection featuring stories from our relaunched titles as well as classic Archie stories!

Riverdale Digest #6 is going on sale today for $6.99.

Image credits: Archie Comics, The CW


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