Wayward Sisters carry on the family business

“It’s Sam and Dean. They’re missing. They were on a hunting trip and I haven’t heard from them for a few days.”

Not gonna lie. I got a little choked up at that line, a direct connection to the pilot of Supernatural. A clever choice of words, spoken by a beloved character, designed to draw in any long-time fan.

The latest episode of Supernatural brought the first glimpse of Wayward Sisters, the female-driven spinoff-to-come. A band of female characters, some of whom we’ve gotten to know very well over the last few years, team up to save the Winchesters.

Wayward Sisters wisely follows characters we’re already familiar with. No time is wasted with character introductions. The narrative doesn’t need to slow down for excessive exposition. Jody calls Claire home with the simple, recognizable line about Sam and Dean missing on a hunting trip.

Briana Buckmaster as Donna and Kim Rhodes as Jody in Supernatural.

We already know what we need to know about these women in order to jump into the story with them. The episode was filled with all the action, fighting, drama and intrigue that we’ve come to expect from Supernatural. If this was a true indication of the type of story and action we can anticipate from Wayward Sisters, I am all-in.

I have watched Supernatural since Day 1. Every episode. Every week. Tagging along in Dean’s Baby as the Winchesters fought so many creatively terrifying creatures that it would be near impossible to name them all here.

They’ve thrown down with demons and angels. They’ve dealt with both Lucifer and God. They’ve time traveled. They’ve met Death. They’ve died and been resurrected… many, many times. Yet, no matter what insane, horrifying circumstances they’ve found themselves in, they’ve continued to fight the good fight. Saving people. Hunting things. Carrying on the family business.

Wayward Sisters centers on the family-by-choice created by long-established character Sheriff Jody Mills. Jody has recurred regularly each season of Supernatural since she was introduced in season five. Over the years, she has been an invaluable friend and partner to Sam and Dean whenever needed.

Clark Backo as Patience, Yadira Guevara-Prip as Kaia and Kathryn Newton as Claire in Supernatural.

One by one, she has also helped to usher the rest of these women into their new reality dealing with the supernatural. Sheriff Donna Hanscum, Alex and Claire have all recurred occasionally over the past few years. Patience and Kaia are new to Supernatural this season, both characters created specifically for Wayward Sisters.

The past informs the present. Jody and Donna, both already in law enforcement upon learning that monsters exist, took to the reality of hunting without much hesitation. Alex, rescued years ago from vampires, only fights when necessary. She is willing to help her family however needed.

Claire, the character with the backstory most difficult to explain to a new viewer, runs towards monsters and fights without hesitation or forethought — and she has the scars to show it. Patience and Kaia, a psychic and a dream walker, are new to the world of hunting. They are understandably hesitant to join the fight but step up when needed.

The backdoor pilot episode concludes with Claire deciding to stay with her family — her sisters — and declaring a mission. Just as the season one arc of Supernatural was all about Sam and Dean’s search for their missing father, Wayward Sisters looks to have a similar mystery to solve over their first season.

Kathryn Newton as Claire, Katherine Ramdeen as Alex, Kim Rhodes as Jody, Clark Backo as Patience and Briana Buckmaster as Donna in Supernatural.

We’ve seen women as major characters on Supernatural before. Both good and evil. However, as the show was created to follow two brothers on their journey, every female character’s story has been focused on how she served the story of Sam and Dean.

Not a complaint, just an observation of the facts — while we’ve seen Jody many times over the years, we only see her when she is in the Winchesters’ orbit. I am intrigued to see what stories Wayward Sisters will tell while following these strong women. One episode full of women kicking-ass and saving the day was fun. Bring on a full season.

Image credits: The CW


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