Our predictions for Imposters Season 2

My favourite show (that’s far from hyperbole – it’s consumed my life since the pilot) is back and the Season 2 premiere was full of that familiar brilliance, perfect writing and quirky goodness.

Our three bumblers made a huge mistake (not the pot session – the dodgy ring deal). We got see Richie’s mrsrichardevans moment, which satisfied the Imposters nerd in me to my core. And we got to see what it looks like when Maddie truly tries to settle into a new life, out of the game, and the inherent paranoia that comes with that.

It didn’t rank among the show’s very best episodes, for me, but it was a firmly satisfying start to what will no doubt be a enormously gratifying season.

Here’s a few predictions – four things I hope and expect to see in Season 2.

Maddie will confide in Michael and he’ll be genuine

Sam Gilroy plays new character, Michael.

In the premiere we met Michael – a wind-chime selling, holistic wellness centre-pushing, new age charmer. Maddie ran into him entirely by coincidence (she hid behind some wind chimes at his stall), which means he’d have to be one extremely lucky undercover agent (or undercover con man) to have snared Maddie with such clumsy happenstance.

He seems genuine and apart from maybe pushing his The Harbour scheme to make a bit of money (as Maddie called him out on), he probably is wholly as simple and nice as he seems, even to the point of probably believing that The Harbour genuinely helps people.

The show’s about con artists, but if we’re given yet another deceptive character, I think it’ll be too much – it’s time for someone real, and Michael’s realness will compliment Maddie’s desires to become a normal person perfectly. It’s what she thought she had in Patrick, before she learned he was FBI. So maybe she’ll find it for real this time.

This theory isn’t based on nothing – in the promo for the late game season content, we see Maddie dancing with Michael at a fair and more. It’s obvious that they’ll grow close, and not in the Maddie taking him for all he’s worth way – she trying to move past that life, for the moment.

I think she might even grow close enough to Michael to tell him the truth about who she is (perhaps out of necessity, perhaps out of choice). The bumblers have each other to rely on, but Maddie currently has no one. With Shelly Cohen now on the scene, I think she’s going to need someone on her side. Someone without a deceitful heart.

Jules’ secrets will come out

Jules’ past will come out at some point, as much as she wants to keep it hidden.

All three of our bumblers have secrets, but while we’ve learned a lot about Ezra’s and Richie’s pasts, Jules has a dark past we still know very little about. We’ve seen flashbacks of her time with Maddie, but we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her deeper history.

In Season 1, Episode 6 (perhaps the show’s most gloriously perfect episode), Max catches and talks to our three bumblers about their pasts, but when he gets to Jules’ she shuts him down instantly, with cold, hard daggers, and says: “do NOT go there,” before he manages to utter a word.

Then in Season 1, Episode 7, Jules and Richie accidentally run into a guy from Jules’ past. He calls her out in front of a crowd, saying she was his sister’s roommate an that she stole some things. He calls her “one classy bitch” and “a bad person – a fraud.” He outright tells her: “you should be ashamed of who you are.”

Jules defends herself by saying: “that’s not true – it wasn’t my fault,” then her and Richie leave. We don’t learn much more than that – when Richie asks, Jules tells him they’re not talking about it.

We already learned more about Richie’s past this season, and I think we’re going to learn Jules’ sinister secrets too. Put yourself in the writers’ shoes – small shows like this are often lucky to get a second season and even luckier if they get a third, so there’s more pressure on them to answer some of the show’s mysteries in Season 2.

And a mystery like Jules’ past isn’t too grand – it won’t affect the plot too heavily. I think Jules’ mysteries are soon to be unearthed, no matter how hard she tries to keep them hidden.

Maddie’s ambiguous affection for Ezra will live on

The anklet from Ezra that Maddie kept wearing.

The question of whether Maddie ever had true feelings for Ezra and whether she still holds those feelings was a hugely clever and subtle subplot in Season 1. It all came down to that anklet from Ezra that she wouldn’t ditch.

In Season 1, Episode 5, Patrick asked her about her anklet and she said: “it’s from an old lover” and explained that this old lover told her he was a wanderer traveling through the wilderness until he met her. She then says she couldn’t get the clasp open and kind of got used to having it on, “or maybe I was just not ready to let him go.”

We don’t know if that was complete fabrication on her part (most likely, it was), or whether Ezra truly said that to her. We’re still in the dark as to what her true reasons were to keeping the anklet on. Wearing an item from her past con is certainly a risky move – anyone from Ezra’s circle could recognise it, or the FBI could use it to link her to her old life, so Maddie must have a strong reason for keeping it.

I’ve always liked to think that she held and still holds some genuine love for Ezra. She certainly doesn’t show it, when she seems in again in Season 1, but Maddie’s great at keeping her true feelings hidden and throughout her many cons, it’s likely that she’d develop some real feelings for someone.

I think the writers led us down that cheekily ambiguous road for a reason, and I think this season will throw more of that Maddie and Ezra ambiguity our way – hopefully without hurting my favourite bumbler in the process. I’m probably not alone when I say that I’d love to see her and Ezra reunited in a genuine romance, before the show ends.

Laura Archbold’s character is going to be amazing

Laura Archbold will have a main role this season.

If you follow our Imposters cast and creators on social, you’ll know that Laura Archbold is going to be in Season 2, in what looks like a main role. She’s pretty much an unknown actress, so I have no idea what her acting talents are like, but her entire look and social presence is glorious and I think she’s going to make a great new addition to the show.

Who she’ll play exactly is unclear. I don’t think they’d chose someone so good looking without an intent to use her beauty (similar to how they’ve chosen someone ruggedly handsome to play Michael). She might be a character who turns the head of any one or more of our leading con artists – from Maddie to Richie to Jules.

Or perhaps she’ll be Patrick’s replacement at the FBI – some fresh, outstanding talent to hunt down Maddie and our bumblers with expert precision and alluring charm. I’m eager to find out, and I’m sure she’ll settle in perfectly, whoever she’s playing.

What do you think will happen this season? Did you enjoy the premiere? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image credits: Bravo, Sam Gilroy, Laura Archbold


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