Review: Grow your kid’s first garden with My Fairy Garden

We received the toy set My Fairy Garden, the titular release from the brand by Interplay UK Ltd. The set – marketed towards kids ages 4+ – comes with everything you need to make your own fairy garden, including a fairy, her mouse companion, a cottage, and even grass seeds to make a beautiful garden, minus the soil. You’re not restricted to the set, either – there are suggestions in the back of the instruction manual for people who want to use their own flair to spruce up the garden.

My Fairy Garden.

First off, I love the idea of a fairy garden, especially the idea of a garden that would grow in front of your eyes. When I was younger, I’d always opt for fairy-like toys and this would be right up my alley. I’d also tried, unsuccessfully, to grow a few roses, so my younger self would appreciate the idea of a kit which seemed to promise it would help you grow your own garden – and now, too, since my green thumb has not improved at all.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box, as I was expecting something small with a few decorations. The pot was much larger than I thought it would be – a little bigger than a large dinner plate in diameter, and about 5 times as deep, and can make for a sizeable decoration for when you’re finished. The plastic decorations feel rather sturdy, and the colors all match well together. There’s a whole variety of stuff in there, too, including a shell, colored gravel, a fairy mushroom, plastic flowers, and a clothes line and blanket. These are definitely all components you’d expect from a cottage, and more.

I also like the idea of encouraging buyers to think of their own uses for the cottage, as this would appeal to kids who like arts and crafts. I wouldn’t have expected that on my own, however; looking at the box itself, I thought the entire thing already looked planned out. I’m not sure what sorts of plants can grow in this pot, as it’s not very deep, but the manual makes a few suggestions to start. I also think it would look quite pretty without any plants at all, if you’re not inclined to make this a garden.

I’d be wary of letting small children handle this one on their own, even if you don’t include the soil and the grass seeds. There are some very small parts included in the set, like the fairy gravel, which could be easily ingested.

And though I loved the interplay of the designs, I’d love to see color variations of the components of the garden itself, which would additionally highlight the customization of the toys. This is just going on my personal preference, but some of my previous fairy toys from before did have different types of fairies before, and I’d buy different ones because I loved the variation. I do see that Interplay already has some products like different fairies and their unicorns, and hope that more are released.

All in all, I think the set is reasonably priced at £14.99, especially as you’d expect this to be a longlasting decoration that takes up quite a bit of space in your house. Though this set was provided by the company, I would probably ask my parents to buy this for me for Christmas in my younger years. I see on the Interplay website that there are quite a few gardens already in store, and I’m excited to see what else this line has to bring in the future.

Image credits: Interplay


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